Alpha  is a Lebanese NGO, created in  1993. ALpha was established just after the civil war in Lebanon by a group of youth workers and teachers, to support the peace and reconstruction efforts.   After the war with Israel in 2006 Alpha expanded its objectives to include projects providing socio-psychological support, relief, and emergency aid.  Since 2012, Alpha has extended its mission to Syria, to support local communities. Alpha has an intercommunity approach and respects all confessions.

Why work in Syria

As a Lebanese intercommunity organization, it came quite natural for Alpha to become involved in Syria as Syria’s history is so connected with the history of Lebanon. Because of our relations in Syria we considered it important to put our experience in service of the humanitarian aid in SyriaIn Lebanon, there are quite a number of associations with experience in social work, but in Syria the possibilities were very limited and regulated before the war. 

Alpha in Syria

Alpha did not establish its own structure in Syria, but is working with local groups who share Alpha's values. Alpha supports their work, spreads their news, and acts as an intermediary between them and international donors. Alpha also helps local groups with capacity building of the volunteers. The local groups are involved in what is most needed in their region: food, medical help, shelter, but also centers for physiotherapy, psycho-social help, educational activities. Because helping the population survive today means also building a to-morrow.  


ALPHA aims to strengthen the social cohesion of society and to promote social justice so that all individuals are able to develop themselves. The organization bridges the gaps among Lebanese citizens, and between those citizens and other residents of Lebanon. ALPHA now applies the same methods to facilitate cooperation among the various components of Syrian society. Education, in its holistic approach, constitutes Alpha's supporting pillar and developmental tool.


The composition of the Alpha team, young and old, from different communities, their relations with other organizations in Lebanon, the activities they organize, all reflect the intercommunity approach and respect for the individual.

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Alpha in Lebanon

In Lebanon Alpha supported different makeshift camps of  Syrian refugees which are all over Lebanon. However with the present economical crisis there is little difference between the needs of refugees and hosts: Alpha supports who every is in eed. Alpha operates a number of centers in the South of Lebanon, focusing on education, family assistance, psycho-social help.

Nowadays the majority of the children participating in the centers are the children who do not have the opportunity to go to school.