About us

We are a group of people, living in different European countries. We have friends in Lebanon and Syria. We want to do something to show them that they are not alone in this world and that we care about what is happening to them. We decided to support the Lebanese Association ALPHA as our friends are working there, and we like what they are doing and how they are doing it. We are 100% convinced of the integrity of the staff of Alpha as we know them personally for a long time. We visit the projects regularly (see the picture).

We do not earmark the funds, as the people on the ground know better what is needed. The funds will be used to help families and especially children to survive, for educational and cultural activities, and to create sustainable relations between the different communities. When Alpha launches a fundraising campaign for a special cause we will of course join them and raise money for this cause. Where Alpha spend the money can be seen on their website.


About Alpha

Alpha is running different programs aimed at children and families in Lebanese villages and cities. refugees and Lebanese. Since the war in Syria they are also involved in supporting neighborhood and village committees in different areas in Syria, helping them to organize their activities, looking for funds from International  donor organizations.  Recently Alpha also started work in Iraq. See their website for more info.


Foundation Friends of Alpha

The foundation Friends of Alpha is a Dutch foundation established 23th of April 2015.
RSIN: 855127983
KvK-nummer: 63185261

The foundation has a tax-exempt status in the Netherlands (ANBI-status)

Board members:
Annemarieke Boersma, Diemen, Netherlands
José Mooren, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan Keulen, Groningen, Netherlands

Nadia Messahel, Villepinte, France


Remuneration policy:
The board members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their work.


Annual report

The annual report will be published in the first quarter of the following year on this website.

The report of 2023

The report of 2022

The report of 2021

The report of 2020

The report of 2019

The report of 2018

The report of 2017

The report of 2016

The report of 2015


Action plan

We are currently working on a plan of action. it will be published here later on.