Help de belegerde en ontheemde bevolking van Syrië - Oproep van Alpha

17th of February 2016


Hello to you all, friends of Alpha, old ones, the ones to come… ,friends of friends…


Yes, once more we have to ask everyone of you, and, through you, your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, to spread our appeal because the emergency increases  but not the funding. More than ever Alpha needs your financial help to continue its work… every small amount matters… to save lifes, families… Five years have passed already and it is still going on. Yesterday the besieged of Madaya, today the displaced from Aleppo, and soon the besieged from Aleppo.


The aims of Alpha are as important and vital as ever : to assist grassroots groups in Syria, these brave  people still out there, to provide the displaced with what they need to survive : food, shelter, care…, but also to mobilise the international NGO’s and all other donors  by informing, explaining, alarming, crying out for help, louder and louder. There are so many problems which rock the world, Europe, that it is not easy to be heard, or to make the cries of agony of the Syrians be heard. No I don’t exaggerate !


Listening to the news, one can hear  the military operations follow each other, the death toll rising. It is like a routine here : displaced, injured, handicapped, sick people, thousands and millions


Every gift means someone is less hungry, less cold, maybe wash a bit, medical help to escape death…  Don’t hesitate !


For those of you who do not know Alpha yet, some words of the president of Alpha from a recent interview about the reality of humanitarian action, just to give you an idea:


We all… you and us… and many more, work hard to try and reduce as much as possible the tragedies of today and tomorrow, but by doing this  we also build the after-tomorrow.. Alpha does not only provide emergency help but also stimulates its actors, when doing their work in situations of war, to learn and organize themselves and carry out psycho-social and educational programmes. They form the vital force of civil society. Sometimes a volunteer has to flee for security reasons or because of the threat of forced recruitement… It is one of the challenges for Alpha  to continue to form new volunteers to carry the torch..

 We thank you with all our heart for your gifts, remarks, sugesstions.


Team of Alpha